Fox Glacier

All Day Heli-Hike:
The Extreme Fox all day heli-hike adventure offers an exhilarating day on the West Coast’s largest glacier. The trip includes breathtaking return helicopter flights in and out of the Fox Glacier over lush rainforest. Your pilot will point out New Zealand’s highest peaks, Aoraki Mt. Cook and Mt. Tasman as they loom ahead of you, and you’ll swoop down over the upper ice fall of Fox Glacier. Once safely landed on the glacier, you’ll put on your crampons, (ice-hiking spikes) and forge your own unique trail through the dramatic terrain of Fox Glacier’s steep upper icefall.

You might ford crevasses, using rope to travel, or be lowered into and climb out of moulin. You might  climb short ice pitches or abseil down ice walls using an ice axe and crampon climbing techniques. How much you do will depend on the day’s ice conditions and the level of ability of your small group (3-5 people). Listen as your highly-experienced guide explains the nature of your glacier encounter and the environment you are exploring. We’ll also teach you how to use your technical climbing equipment. Duration: 7hrs on the ice. Good level of fitness and agility required.
Fox Glacier Heli Hike:
This premier trip combines the thrill of two scenic helicopter flights and the chance to investigate a remote part of the Fox Glacier on foot. In this section of the glacier, shunted between two icefalls, glacial forces are greatest, often resulting in the creation of spectacular ice caves and arches. This trip offers exceptional photographic opportunities with 2.5hrs ice time. Fitness level low - moderate. Duration: 4 Hours.
Terminal Face Walk:
This is an informative and leisurely trip to the dynamic face of the glacier. It is here that the Fox River emerges from the ice and where ice collapses are often heard and seen. This trip is for people with limited time or for those who would find the walks onto the glacier too strenuous. Although you will not walk on the glacier, your guide will take you to visit the final resting place of ice that has travelled 7.2 miles from the base of the Southern Alps, all the way to the river valley floor. Your guide may take you closer to the ice than the unguided public (if it is safe to do so at the time) and you will have the  opportunity to learn the role of the Fox Glacier in shaping its environment. This two hour trip is reasonably easy going. About one and a half hours is spent walking over terrain at a speed that almost anyone can manage. There is a strong focus on providing you with quality interpretation so you can learn about the glacier and the surrounding environment. It is sometimes possible to view the cave at the terminal face of the ice from which the Fox River emerges. Fitness level: low. Almost suitable for anyone.
Heli-Ice Climbing Adventure:
This all day ice climbing experience is a must for the adventurous. Before heading to the ice we’ll equip you with specialised mountaineering boots, crampons, ice axes and technical gear. Then it’s off on a thrilling helicopter flight to your ice climbing location on Fox Glacier’s higher reaches. Enjoying the breathtaking (and close up!) views of the glacier from the air, as well as the opportunity to climb amongst dramatic terrain not easily accessed by foot. On this trip the guide to customer ratio is 1:4
maximum, which ensures that you receive personal ice climbing instruction. Ice climbing guides receive special training to ensure they teach skills in the correct order so you advance quickly. There are many steep walls to challenge you and you will quickly master basic cramponing and ice axe techniques. The adrenaline will start to flow as you challenge yourself with longer and steeper pitches. Using ice tools and the front points of your crampons, you climb vertical and at times, overhanging ice walls and pinnacles, always secured by a top rope attached to your harness. Don’t worry if you are new to ice climbing, our professional guide will tailor the day to offer variety and challenge to newcomers and experts alike. Then to top it all off, climb aboard for another thrilling helicopter flight back to Fox Glacier township. This adventure will be an experience you’ll never forget and may just inspire you to spend time in the mountains. Good level of fitenss & agility required. Duration: 8-9hrs. No previous experience required.
Mountain Scenic Spectacular Heli Flight:
This is our premier flight! Experience two of New Zealand’s finest national parks and encounter the gigantic expanse of both the Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers. Take in the towering ice formations and top it off with a snow landing: a chance to set foot on snow and breath the clean alpine air. Along the way, get to see the Tasman Glacier and get close to Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak. Features snow landing. Duration 40 mins