Wellness Adventure 
(Hiking, Yoga, Massage, Vegetarian Cuisine)

Retreat is strictly subject to availability at time of booking.
Pricing is subject to change and subject to our    Booking Conditions
Retreat Dates

7 Day / 6 Night Retreat:
Nov 18-Nov 24, 2016 | Dec 7-Dec 13, 2016 | Dec 30, 2016-Jan 5, 2017 | Feb 16-Feb 22, 2017| Mar 19-Mar 25, 2017 |Apr 9-Apr 15, 2017 | May 1-May 7, 2017

6 Day / 5 Night Retreat:
Nov 28-Dec 3, 2016 | Jan 12-Jan 17, 2017 | Jan 23-Jan 28, 2017 | Feb 8-Feb 13, 2017 | Mar 8-Mar 13, 2017| Mar 29-Apr 3, 2017 | May 12-May 17, 2017 | May 22-May 27, 2017

7 Day / 6 Night:
Eco Suite Shared Room:  $4,690pp based on twin share
Eco Suite Private Room:  $5,700
Eco Single: $5,030

6 Day / 5 Night:
Eco Suite Shared Room: $3,900pp based on twin share
Eco Suite Private Room: $4,740
Eco Single: $4,190
Eco Suite Shared Room is a room with King bed.
Eco Single rooms share a bathroom with one other single room.
Retreats are held every month. Please check with us for dates outside of what is listed above.

Wellness Adventure

Core features of Wellness program
• Sunrise Yoga
• Sub Alpine Hiking
• World Heritage Surroundings
• Mindfulness Meditation Practices
• Enzymatically active vegan paleo diet
• Functional Strength Training
• Daily therapeutic massage
• Contrast Spa Therapy
• A Purpose Built Private Facility
• Zen Inspired Eco Accommodation
• Small Groups with personalized attention
Winner of The Spa Awards 2015
by Conde Nast Traveller Magazine
Best for Active Weight Loss 
6 Day Wellness Retreat, South Island
From $3,900 per person (based on double occupancy
Multi-award winning in the first year of operation, this is the first wellness centre of its kind. Purpose-built, permaculture based, and results oriented, This Wellness Adventure is based on a template for rapid transformation that has been refined over the last 10 years. Programs are experiential and educational, so that guests leave with a clear understanding of ‘what’ and ‘how’ we create health. The program is based on yoga, sub-alpine hiking, dynamic strength training, therapeutic massage, integrated mindfulness, and vegetarian cuisine. Retreats are all-inclusive, no need for credit cards after arrival, and no decisions to make. Simply arrive, unplug, and let yourself be seamlessly guided toward health. 
6  Day  Retreat  Includes: 
- Transfers from Queenstown Airport/downtown Queenstown,
- 5 Nights Eco accommodation (based on twin share)
- All meals
- Laundry service
- All programming
- Daily massages
- Cooking demos & access to spa/sauna. 
Retreats are personalized and intimate, guests are challenged to their own degree and rewarded with a sense of achievement and a refreshed connection with life purpose. This retreat offers a high staff to guest ratio allowing for personalized customization within the program. Small group sizes - max 15.
Not Included:
• International airfares;
• Domestic flights within NZ
• Travel Insurance

This is one of our signature programs designed to quickly jumpstart your health. All fitness levels are welcome, and all will be supported while challenged.

Our Wellness Adventures are a refined retreat experience where all aspects of natural health are addressed. Expect your body to become lean, strong, and flexible, as your mind becomes calm, clear, and present. You are simply required to show up, be present, and allow the experience to unveil your inherent potential.

The entire experience is included in the stated prices, no extra “hidden” charges.  Participants are supported by our team of professional staff who assure safety and enjoyment.  Our guests frequently report improved mood, sharper thinking, better sleep, lower blood pressure, improved direction in life, prolonged weight-loss, and even the lifting of depression.

Hike in New Zealand’s World Heritage parks

Stretch with Aro Hā Yoga
Strengthen using functional movement classes
Cleanse through Aro Hā’s vegetarian cuisine
Focus with Mindfulness and meditation
Rejuvenate with daily signature massage
Change by learning why and how
Trust the wisdom of the Aro Hā wellness team
Luxuriate in the Obsidian therapeutic Spa
Rest in Zen inspired eco-accommodation
Travel Light with daily laundry service
Enjoy small groups of less than 15 people

What does an ideal day look like:
Sunrise Flow Yoga
Energising Breakfast
Sub Alpine Hike (10-16km, 3-4hr)
Nutrient Dense Lunch
Rejuvenation & Spa Time
Therapeutic Massage
Functional Strength Training
Nutrition Demo
Restorative Yoga
Mindfulness Practice
Write to Ignite or Spa Time

We follow a proven template that is as dynamic as our subalpine setting. You will be exposed to a mix of teachings, guides, practices, and nature adventures, all chosen for their complementary attributes.

In summary, this Wellness Adventure is a 6 or 7-day intensive, which combines research based best-practices into a life shifting experience.